How to Choose Clothing for Kids

How to Choose Clothing for Kids
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All moms wonder about what kind of clothes to buy for their kids, how much clothes do they actually need, and what fabrics are the best. Some people just go out and buy a lot of stuff depending on the patterns and prices. But some people are interested in how they can do it without choosing poor quality pieces and having their house explode with kid’s clothes.

How to Choose Clothing for Kids

So, what are the main tips to remember when buying clothes for your kid?

Clothing for Kids: 7 Basic Tips

  • Labels. Reading labels is important not only when buying food but also clothes, especially, clothes for children. Choose natural material over synthetic. Look for cotton, mohair, cashmere, wool, silk, alpaca, angora, and camel fibers.
  • Building your kid’s wardrobe, pay attention to quality instead of quantity. Think over practical ideas to set up the wardrobe. Analyze what items does your kid already have. What else should you buy? Bear in mind that kids outgrow clothes faster than adults. It is better to buy 1 qualitative jacket than 10 jackets of a poor quality. Keep it simple. Babies grow very fast. Keep everything simple and minimal.
  • Colors. Some textile dyes can cause allergies and rashes. Choose light-colored fabrics or fabrics, that has been dyed naturally.
  • Shoes. It is one of the most important elements in any wardrobe. Your kid’s shoes should be resistant to wear and tear. Never buy an oversized pair of shoes. They are extremely uncomfortable to wear and can be a reason of blisters on your kid’s feet.
  • Comfort. Every T-shirt, sweater, and jacket should be comfortable to wear for several hours in a row. Decorative zippers and elastics can be extremely uncomfortable for children who used to move, run, and jump all the time. If a piece of clothing has zippers, look whether it has a layer of fabric on top of them.
  • Bulky clothes. Avoid bulky clothes, especially winter coats. Some coats and jackets are so bulky that children can barely move in them. It is better to layer several thinner items than trying to fit your baby in the extremely bulky coat.
  • Mix and match. Buy clothes that you can easily mix and match. This saves a lot of time when picking up your baby’s outfit in the morning. And it makes traveling much easier when packing your suitcases for a trip. Everything in your baby’s wardrobe will go together.

The biggest challenge is to find clothes which are comfortable and easy to wear, being safe and soft at the same time. Every baby is different, so try to find those pieces of the wardrobe which fit your child particularly.

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