How Important is a «Made in» Label for Children Clothing Production

How Important is a «Made in» Label for Children Clothing Production
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The process of children clothing production is almost the same as the adult clothing manufacturing is. It typically consists of cutting, embroidering, zipper and pocket stitching, trimming, decorating, etc. The only difference is that the requirements to the product are much higher. Babies are more allergic and have more sensitive skin than adults. That’s why the quality of the clothing for kids is very important.

Does the quality of the clothing depend on the country it was made in? Let’s try to understand.

How Important is a «Made in» Label for Children Clothing Production

Children Clothing Manufacturing

For many years specifying a country in which clothes are manufactured has been a sign of higher or lower quality. For example, French and Italian manufacturers are known for their good standards and materials. At the same time, China manufacturers are considered to have lower standards because of cheaper synthetic materials. Many clothing corporations have factories all over the world due to the complex supply chains. This means that not all clothes produced in China are bad and cheap. You should always read labels. Still, there are some companies in certain regions of the world, which are considered to be better than others. So, let’s find out where exactly they are.

A world map of textile and clothing manufacturing is slowly changing. We’re going to analyze a list of several children clothing manufacturers, which claim to produce qualitative items.

  • Reima. This brand creates clothes, which combine functionality and quality. The main aim of the company is to produce comfortable, functional pieces of the wardrobe which help to discover the joy of movement for children. The clothes are made of cotton and wool with a lower percentage of polyester. Reima is an old Finnish brand.
  • Billieblush. It is a French label, which produces comfortable and beautiful clothing for girls. The clothes are made of soft cotton, velour, elastane, viscose, and polyester.
  • Our third brand is Hatley. Hatley creates almost every possible piece for a child’s wardrobe. It is a Canadian brand with a 20-year-old history. The materials the manufacturers work with are mainly cotton, organic cotton, and spandex.
  • NUNUNU – is a brand of comfortable children clothing, produced in Israel. NUNUNU items are made in very calm and muted colors. Among the materials, the most used are cotton and viscose.
  • Kavat. This is the brand, which specifies in shoes only. The aim of the company is to create very comfortable and durable shoes for any child. The goods are made of rubber, wool, fleece, eco performance leather, and nubuck leather. Kavat is a Swedish brand.

So, analyzing the companies above, we can say that the geographical aspect of clothing manufacturing is very diverse. Mainly, it is Europe. But everything depends on a concrete manufacturer. So, read the labels and may your child’s clothes to be comfortable and qualitative.


  1. Richard M. Moore (Post author)

    If the label is “made in China” on clothes, then I will never buy this item. Especially for my child.

  2. Brandy Yates (Post author)

    Haha, very funny picture at the beginning of the post 🙂

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