Picnicking with Kids

Picnicking with Kids
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Warm spring weekends are always the right time to get together with friends or family.  If you have a family, you will use it as a great chance to spend time together with your loved-ones and children. Getting ready for a picnicking sometimes can be challenging, especially when you have small children.  Going out with children requires extra preparation. If you want your picnic to become a great memory for all members of your family, plan it.  

  • Good location. There is a number of places good enough for having a barbeque or picnic, but with small kids you need to be more careful when choosing the right one. It is better not to go far away from the place you live or the city. If you are living close to a park, use it as a comfortable option as you might need to return home earlier and quicker than you are planning.  One of the leading real estate agencies, for instance, even indicates in its advertisement that its apartments are located close to a nice park that could be used for a picnic with a family.  
  • Pack easy. Do not take a lot of unnecessary things with you – only what you really need. The same refers to food – keep it simple. There is no point in cooking substantial meals. If this is a park-style picnic, take snacks and fruits. Wash fruits are home not to waste water when you are outdoor. Bring sun protection. Sunny weather has its hazards – you can easily get burned let alone a small kid. Therefore, bring sun protection cream, sunglasses, and even umbrella to protect you from direct sun rays. You can also choose a place somewhere in the shade and eliminate the need to take an umbrella.
  • Bring enough water. Water is used not only to clean something or wash. You need to make sure that you have enough water to give your kids to keep them hydrated. Moreover, kids like to touch everything and you will need extra water to wash kinds.
  • Take a friend with you. Children usually behave better when they have someone to play with as they are not bored. Invite a friend of your child to a picnic. Children love to play outside as hanging out together outdoors has a lot of space for imagination.
  • Plan games and entertainment. Think of what you will be doing outdoors. It could be family games or active games involving screaming, jumping, hopping, if you are inviting some other kids. It is a good opportunity to use some of their energy.
  • Charge mobile phone before going out. It is better to have a fully-charged phone, in case anything happens.

Picnicking with Kids

With these simple but useful ideas, your picnic will become a great time. What can be better than spending time with your family in the fresh air?


  1. Darlene M. (Post author)

    When a lot of people on a picnic, it is difficult to track children, especially small children.

  2. Antonio (Post author)

    Before a picnic, you must always go to the sports equipment store. Then there will be a lot of fun in nature.

  3. Kristin (Post author)

    A good place for a picnic is very important. Also, I would recommend paying attention to the plants that are nearby, but the same for insects and animals in this place. It is very important.

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