The Cleaning Different Kinds of Flooring

The Cleaning Different Kinds of Flooring

Most homes have more than one kind of flooring:

If you think about it, there is probably a prominent style of flooring in your home, but you likely have more than one kind. Most homes have some kind of linoleum or stone in the kitchen, as kitchen flooring is usually some variety of waterproof.

Then the flooring in the living room or the den is often carpet or hardwood. The bathroom usually has a floor that’s similar to the kitchen, whereas bedrooms are more likely to be carpeted. These differences are functional as well as aesthetic.

Bedrooms are carpeted because you’re likely to walk around barefoot in your bedroom and linoleum or tile can be cold. The bathroom and kitchen have waterproof flooring because they’re most likely to see spills. Something that you need to know is how to clean all of the different kinds of flooring in your home.

Cleaning Carpet:

Carpet is one of the most difficult of the flooring types to clean, due to the many tiny fibers of which it is comprised, that trap the dirt and dust particles. The dirt that is tracked into your home is often trapped in the fibers of the carpet and to clean it out, you need to vacuum regularly.


vacuuming is only partially effective. A domestic vacuum typically only picks up dirt that is fairly loose in the carpet. If the dirt is ground into the fibers, then the standard type of vacuum is not going to suffice. You need to hire professionals to help you deep clean your floor.

Professionals in carpet cleaning in Sunshine Coast can clean your carpet of years of dirt build-up. Professional carpet cleaning is a multi-part process. First, they will vacuum the floor to get any loose dirt. Then they will use a cleaning fluid to clean and deodorize the carpet fibers.


the cleaning solution will be vacuumed up so the floor can dry. This is the simple process for cleaning a carpet. While you should vacuum regularly, it is best not to do a deep clean yourself but to call the professionals to do it for you. Their cleaning tools are much more sophisticated and effective than anything you might find in the consumer market, in addition to which you don’t need to spend hours doing the cleaning yourself.

Cleaning Hardwood:

Cleaning hardwood is a little more straightforward. Hardwood is sealed with a sealant that is designed not to react to different types of chemicals or acids. Typically, the sealant is something polymer-based. This means it will make your hardwood floor waterproof.

When you clean your hardwood floor:

you need to be aware of the sealant and not accidentally strip it by using an overly abrasive solution. For example, bleach might clean your floor very effectively, but it will likely strip the sealant that covers the surface of your floor.

If you think an ammonia solution is appropriate:

Then you need to get in touch with someone who works in woodworking to recommend a new sealant. A woodworker can even replace the sealant on your floor if it wears too thin. In any other case, you should use a mild detergent that won’t strip the sealant.

Hardwood floors are easier to clean than carpet, but both types of flooring are manageable if you don’t let them get too out of hand.


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