How To Buy The Right Inverter for a Road Trip This Summer?

How To Buy The Right Inverter for a Road Trip This Summer?


The summer is near, and everyone is planning for a vacation camping. If you want to go for a long trip and camp at a riverside or hill station, you will need a power storage device like an inverter. Since you car battery is not sufficient to charge your DSLR or coffee machine, you need a caravan inverter for camping purpose.

In this article, you will learn how to buy the right inverter for your camping. From the capacity of the inverter to price comparison, check out what other factors you need to consider before buying an inverter for your road trip this summer.

Things to Consider While Buying Inverter for Road trip

The benefit of a portable inverter is they come in small size so easy to carry in your car or caravan when you are going for a long trip camping. Consider the following factors when you are buying an inverter for camping.

1.     The capacity of the Inverter

First and foremost, it’s important to consider the capacity of the inverter. Usually, the power of camping inverters ranges from 200 watts to 4000 watts. So, you need to choose according to your requirement.

If you have normal use that you want to only charge low power devices such as mobiles or laptops, you can opt for an inverter with power ranging between 200W to 600W. However, if you want to take a coffee machine, you need a high-capacity inverter. Simply add up the power requirement of all the devices you will use and decide the capacity of the inverter.

2.     Outlets of the Inverter

Most modern inverters come with two power outlets. So, you can use two devices at a time. However, some inverters have only one outlet. In such a case, you cannot use two devices if there is only one outlet.

So, think about this back in mind, and it’s better to have a two outlet inverter because even if you don’t consider you will use it, you cannot do anything once you need it at your camp.

3.     Sine Wave of the Inverter

Another important aspect of selecting an inverter for your road trip is to consider the sine wave. It sounds technical, right? Don’t worry; I will make it easier because you don’t have to go through the details of how they work. Just remember that there are two types of inverters based on sine wave; modified sine wave inverter and pure wave sine wave inverter.

Usually, people use modified sine wave inverters for camping purposes because they are affordable, but they can damage your charging devices. On the other hand, pure sine wave inverters are designed in such a way that they can protect your electronic devices, but they are expensive.

4.     Size of the Inverter

Next, you need to consider the size of the inverter. You don’t want to take a bulky inverter with you because it will take space and also difficult to carry. So, you may like to choose an inverter of normal size that is easy to carry.

However, it depends on your power requirement because the size may increase when the capacity increases. You can check different devices and compare which inverter has the perfect size that you can carry easily. I

5.     Price of the Inverter

Last but not least, you need to check the price of the inverter whether it’s within your budget. Again, if you have high power requirements, you need to decide if you can compromise with a few devices or increase the budget.

Final Words

I have shared how to choose the right inverter for your camping. If you are looking for the best caravan inverter, please visit-

Now that you know the checklist before you buy an inverter for camping consider them at the time of buying. Make your camping experience enjoyable with the right inverter that you need for camping this summer.


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