Transform Your Home With Furniture Designed Just for You

Transform Your Home With Furniture Designed Just for You

Bespoke Furniture:

Bespoke Furniture is not as many people believe either an option afforded only to (and by) the rich and famous, nor is it a matter of decking a home out with opulent or extravagant interiors – unless that is what you want. Bespoke design is more often (when done well) simple,

sophisticated, unpretentious and the most economical and effective means of creating smart storage options. To see for yourself how bespoke furniture, namely that of the fitted variety, can work in and adapt to suit every type of room and house, visit designer, Barbara Genda’ s website.

Barbara Genda’s no-fuss approach to getting a job done and no-compromise approach to the quality by which that job is done exemplifies good design – and, by extension, both good customer service.

Sadly, few designers manage to either establish such a reputation or maintain one. Fortunately, that really keeps the likes of decent designers such as Genda in constant demand. To suggest good business ethics is Genda’s real achievement though.

would be to sell her short:

It is the combination of sober, sophisticated and smart storage that typifies her approach to kitchen, living and bedroom design alike that have got her where she is today, and cemented her status as one of the UK’s best-fitted furniture designers.

Bespoke Furnishings:

With a world-renowned reputation for quality, when shopping for bespoke furnishings from handmade curtains and statement screens to digitally-printed blinds and personalized upholstery items, Harrods really is about as good as it gets.

And I am not the only one who thinks so; Harrods’ in-store bespoke furnishings department is located in the furniture and furnishings section of their London store which now features over 70 brands and covers a staggering 70000 sq, ft – making it one of the largest in Europe.

If, though, you are looking for something providing the quality offered by Harrods, but showcasing a slightly more idiosyncratic design, another fantastic creator of bespoke furnishings is Tiffany Jayne.

Tiffany Jayne’s signature fabrics feature an assortment of brilliantly printed animal patterns which can be used to create beautiful pieces including lamps, seating and even pet beds, memo boards and pencil holders. A wonderfully quirky and subtly tongue-in-cheek alternative to the likes of Harrods, Tiffany Jayne designs make a well-worth-it investment.

Bespoke Gardens:

Bespoke furniture doesn’t have to end at the door. Bespoke gardens and garden furniture is a wonderful way to make the most of your home and garden. After all, arriving home after a hard day’s work, it is your outside space or garden that first greets you.

As well, it is your garden or drives that first welcomes guests to your home. So, to see some of what is possible and how little isn’t, give the aptly named Only Bespoke team a visit. Aside from bespoke garden designs, flowers, plants, and furniture, Only Bespoke also specialize in creating truly magical tree houses and their outdoor fireplace sculptures are works of pure genius.


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