Advice to Know About the Right Style French Furniture

Advice to Know About the Right Style French Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important items in the interior designing of the room because it is the furniture that reflects the taste of the people and the style of the people living in a house.

In case of furniture what every person first give importance is the craftsmanship of the furniture and when you are talking about craftsmanship you cannot do without the French craftsmen. The French people are known for their artistry and for their craftsmanship and thus the French furniture is also very popular as well.

Thus when you are decorating your home sweet home, then you could not do without the French furniture and there are different kinds of French furniture as well. Broadly there are 3 most important types; the provincial type, the royal type and the Parisian type of the furniture.

If you want a country look, go for a provincial type of furniture:

If you are someone who has got tired of the city life then you could bring in the country to your home with the decoration. And for that, you could go for the Provincial types of French furniture. So, you may be thinking that what is that and how you define a Provincial type of French furniture? Well, here are some points for you; you could have a look at it:

France has many provincial places such as Blois and the others in the Loire Valley and also there are provincial places like Lyon in France. And these provincial places, many decades ago, created the provincial type of French furniture. The furniture is marked by the design innovations which were actually initiated by the trade, which was very luxurious in Paris.

If you have a look at these kinds of furniture you will see that the furniture has cabriole legs and it comes with a scalloped curving which is very simple. Not only that if you have a look at the dining chairs then do have a look at its curving and you will see that it has a wheat pattern, which is very common to the countryside of the France provinces.

And these kinds of Provincial furniture always provide emphasize on the carvings, regardless of the fact that whether the furniture is either painted or stained.

Though the finishes of these kinds of provincial type of furniture vary and not only that at the same time the furniture has an aged patina which is the result of the accumulation of either the grim or the polish furniture.

If you love metropolis look, go for the Parisian furniture:

If you are someone who loves the metropolis and want that the decor of your house should also reflect the same then you should have Parisian furniture as your home decor item. And here are some information about the Parisian furniture:

If you want to have a taste of the decorative art of Europe then you could go for the Parisian style French furniture because these kinds of furniture not only have the taste of Parisian artist but at the same time these kinds of furniture also has the influence of other European countries such as Sweden.

Russia, and Spain. But the sad part of these kinds of furniture is that after the industrial revolution people have stopped making this Parisian style French furniture.
The Royal Style

French royal style furniture could be divided into various parts:

The furniture of the ancient regime and then there is the ‘Louis Quinze’ furniture. There is also a kind of royal furniture which has lost in the time and that is Gothic furniture, then there is also the Rocco royal furniture and there is also the neoclassical royal French furniture as well.

Hope you like the above-mentioned information about french style furniture! If you want to know more then click here and get more ideas.


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