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Black and White Design Is Here to Stay

Black and White Design Is Here to Stay

Black and white are classic colors that have been part of home decor trends for generations, but lately, this color scheme’s popularity has skyrocketed, bringing new contemporary takes on an old favorite. The stark contrast between black and white means it can add the major wow factor to any room of your home. Start with your countertops to freshen up your kitchen and give it a whole new look.

One of the best aspects of black and white color schemes is how they can be incorporated into any design aesthetic. Household members who might disagree on decor trends can usually find some common ground with black and white.

For countertops:

we especially like the look of a high contrast design. Select a dark, black countertop in granite (perhaps with small white flecks or specks), and pair it with bright white cabinets. Or, reverse the color scheme, and select a soothing glacial white quartz countertop, paired with rich dark wood cabinets.

Black and white countertops work especially well with a sleek, sophisticated design. Stick with a delicate, elegant black and white theme throughout an entire room, or let your black and white countertops be a backdrop for pops of color and even pattern.

And since black and white are timeless, countertops and other design elements that follow this color scheme will look good for years to come, even if you swap out the accessories and furnishings around them.

While this design trend might seem simple:

you still have a wide array of options to choose from. If you’re selecting new countertops for your kitchen, you’ll find that there’s a huge variety of stone options available in black and white color schemes, incorporating solid hues, different patterns, and even different textures.

This means you can go for a natural:

Rustic look, a sleek, modern design, or anything in between. With options in granite, quartz, marble, and more, your kitchen countertops will look as luxurious, unique, and as dramatic as you choose, at a wide range of price points to boot.

While you’re selecting countertops:

Don’t forget the bathroom! Turn this oft-forgotten room into a miniature spa with smooth marble countertops in black and white. You can even pair your new bathroom countertops with sleek new shower tiling. Black and white countertops make the possibilities endless, even in a small room.

Stick with a white design for a calming retreat:

wow, your guests with a sharply contrasting design. If black and white feels too plain, add a bouquet of seasonal flowers for an extra pop of color. If you’re updating multiple rooms in your home, you can even choose the same countertops in your kitchen and bathroom for an intentional design that ties both spaces together.

No matter which room you’re designing or which decor elements you’re out to update, it’s hard to go wrong with black and white. With such versatility and potential for high-impact design, it’s safe to say that this is one design trend that will be around for years to come.


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