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Boiler – This Big Machine Also Needs Some Small Elements to Work

Boiler – This Big Machine Also Needs Some Small Elements to Work

Boilers are basically designed to perform some specific tasks in some specific industries. Boilers are big machines which have been used in production for a very large amount of heat and pressure.

A boiler or we can say a steam generator is a device which is used to produce hot steam by applying heat energy to water. A boiler is used wherever a source of steam is required like in industries such as textile mills, chemical plants, sugar factories, etc. The boiler size which is to be used in a company basically depends upon the need of the company.

Boiler fittings:

There are many types of boiler fittings done to make the boiler work. These fittings are important for the boiler working performance and even for the worker’s safety which is working around the boiler. Some essential boiler fittings are listed below:

Safety valve
Blowdown Valves
Main steam Stop Valve
Feed check valves
Fusible Plug
Water gauge
Low-Water Alarm
Low Water Fuel Cut-out
Boiler feed water pump

The maintenance of the boiler is so important for the good performance and the long life of the boiler as well as for the safety of the company. This process deals with water conversion into steam and then volume expands over 1,000 times and travels through steam pipes at about 100 km/hr. Because of this.

Steam is a good way of moving energy and heat around a site from a central boiler house to where it’s needed. At its best, this increases energy cost and can lead to poor quality of steam and reduced efficiency shorter plant life and an operation which can be unreliable. At worst, it can lead to loss of life.

For maintenance of boilers, we need some specialized tools listed below:

Boiler tube expander:

Boiler tube expanders and boiler tube tools help you efficiently maintain your boiler equipment. Tube Expander provides rolling and flaring in an operation, offers maneuverability, even we are maintaining water tube boiler, fire tube boilers, economizers, etc.

This device is used for increasing the cross-section of the tubes. It depends on need, what size of the tube we are using, sometimes we need a small tube and sometimes we need a tube with a larger diameter.

Boiler tube cleaners:

Sometimes after the long working of the boiler, the walls of boiler tubes get filled by the sludge, dirt, etc. It results in less fuel efficiency and other functioning disorders. All this leads to the loss of the company and safety threats.

The type of boiler cleaning basically depends on size. In small capacity boilers, manual cleaning is done, as it is much efficient for them. But in boilers with large size, cleaning is done by using various cleansing agents and chemicals along with some boiler tube cleaning systems such as electric, Pneumatic, and hydraulic tube cleaners.


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