The Spring Cleaning for a Better Home

The Spring Cleaning for a Better Home

Spring cleaning is not merely some routine you need to do every year because of the sake of it. This is done to refresh the house, get it ready for the new year and to have a better place to live in. It is a ritual to start the new year in a fresh manner, to have a clean slate, so to speak.

When getting ready for spring cleaning, you should always have in mind that your home needs to be kept clean so that you have both a sense of fulfillment and a healthier environment for yourself and your family.

When home cleaning, you should always take it one room at a time, starting with the most important room so that you can finish faster with it and continue using it.

You should do it one at a time because to clean properly, you need to take out all the furniture from a room to have full access to the most difficult to reach places. After that, start cleaning and remember to go top to bottom. You definitely do not want to do the carpet cleaning again just because you vacuumed first and then decided to clear the cobwebs from the ceiling and dust the surfaces.

Such an action will always result in going back to square one. Shine all the windows in that order too – pane first, sill second. Let the daylight see your house again as you continue with the job of making the apartment a cozier place.

When picking a cleaning product for the cleaning, pick something that is less chemical filled. Standard store cleaners do the job but leave all sorts of health-damaging toxins behind,

so you can adopt some of the green thinking that is spreading nowadays and pick some greener products to both help the environment and create a better and healthier interior environment for you and your family.

At the very least you can use the “magnificent four” of home-made cleaning products – baking soda, vinegar, salt, and lemon juice. Every one of the first three can successfully tackle any sort of stain or dirt, and the latter will make sure your home is disinfected and smelling of absolute freshness.

Don’t forget the usually neglected places – like the other side of the window pane, under the bed or beds, light switches, and power outlets. They do get problematic only after being neglected long-term, but once in a few months should be a good number of cleanings for them.

While cleaning, you might get inspirations about redecorating. Let them stimulate your imagination and think of new ways to refresh the home, maybe with less clutter to clean up in the future. With this advice, you can start a basic job of home cleaning and get better at it every time.

All you need is some motivation and what better motivation than knowing that you will be living in a much cleaner, much nicer place. Spring cleaning is an important event in the household, and you should do your due work to make it work. Read more at Kennington carpet cleaners.


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