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The Value of Installing Underfloor Insulation

The Value of Installing Underfloor Insulation

Many homeowners often take the time to insulate their cavity walls and ceilings, but often forget the importance of underfloor insulation. You can also save a lot of money if you focus on underfloor insulation projects, adding insulation to your floors is a great way of cutting your utility bills. Here are some of the many benefits associated with underfloor heating.

The Value of Installing Underfloor Insulation

Prevent Drafts

Choosing to insulate your floors will help to prevent drafts, especially if your home is raised off the ground or has a degree of the crawlspace. Installing high-quality insulation material will stop cold air from entering your home underneath the floor. An experienced contractor knows how to assess each household and design an insulation project that will suit the needs of your home.

During the winter your home will benefit greatly from underfloor insulation, there is little point in insulating your walls and ceilings only to neglect your floors. Fully insulating your home will help to trap heat during the winter, meaning your house will be warmer and less inclined to use as much energy. At DMS Energy Solutions, you’ll find expert contractors who can install underfloor heating at great prices, they’ll ensure you get the most effective energy efficient product with the least amount of effort.

Eliminate Heat Loss

Having underfloor insulation eliminates heat loss, just like having cavity wall or ceiling insulation. They all work together to improve the energy efficiency of your home. A lot of homeowners think that underfloor insulation will heat their floor, but this isn’t the case, insulation is designed to keep the cold out and trap heat in your home, it isn’t the same as underfloor heating. Underfloor insulation helps to regulate the temperature in your home, this means there is less energy needed to heat your premises during the cold winter months.

Stop Pipes from Freezing

If your home has pipes located underneath the building, then you need extra protection to ensure they don’t freeze over during the winter. The best way of doing this is to install underfloor insulation to protect the pipes.

If the water inside your pipes gets frozen on a cold winters day, it can crack and damage the system. When water freezes it expands, if this occurs it can cause a lot of problems. When the ice melts the pipes have suffered damage and they’ll leak once water starts flowing through them. Underfloor insulation keeps your pipes warm and stops water from freezing during low temperatures.

The problem with pipes that are placed under your floor is they are difficult to inspect, you’ve no access to them unless you remove floorboards, which most people are not going to do. This is why underfloor insulation is so beneficial.

Before the winter season sets in, you should consider installing underfloor insulation in your home. Contact a specialist company today and have them evaluate your premises and provide a quote. It will help to prevent drafts, it dramatically reduces heat loss, and it stops your underground pipes from freezing.


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