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Things You Should Know About Artificial Grass

Maintenance of a large lawn is quite time consuming. You have to do a lot of things and after that there will be very little time left for other garden plants. Thus, if you wish to reduce the maintenance time you can think of installing artificial grass in your garden. It looks almost like real grass but is quite pocket friendly. You can look for cheap artificial grass and get many choices. However, before you finally take your decision you must know certain facts about artificial grass. 

Turf characteristics

There are different types of artificial grass available in the market. When you shop for it makes sure that it has a coating of ultra violet protection. You may have certain areas of the grass that will be in shades but most places will have sunrays and if it does not have that protection then the color will fade away fast. This will reduce the beauty of the grass and it will not look natural. 


Drainage and base construction

You cannot just lay artificial grass over the bare ground. You must prepare the ground before it. For that the ground must be excavated for 5 inches deep. Then a drainage area has to be prepared that will maintain the drainage under the artificial turf. It is necessary to maintain the quality of the soil beneath. The drainage must be covered by a bed that is made up of crushed rock and fine aggregate. This base layer helps in keeping the lawn in good shape even during heavy foot fall.


The synthetic grass blades need stability and that is what the infill does. They are made up of crumbled rubber or rounded silica. After the turf is laid the infill must be spread over the blade crevices. They will spread out and give stability to the blade. It is also important because once you have spread it evenly you will get a bouncy sensation while walking on it just the way you feel in case of natural grass.  



If you think that artificial grass is maintenance free then you are quite wrong. Yes, compared to natural grass the maintenance is less but you need to keep dust particles away from the grass surface. Moreover, in order to make the grass look neat and clean it is necessary that you rake leaves and other particles from it at regular intervals. 


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