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Fibreglass Perfect Substitute of the Traditional Materials

Fibreglass Perfect Substitute of the Traditional Materials

Strong products are always the foremost choice of engineers for the construction of huge industrial structures. Unlike previous days, the primary name that clicks us is the structures made with aluminum and steel.

which have now changed with the emergence of the FRP structures. There is no doubt that traditional metals possess an outstanding strength and withstanding capability, but since they are available with a huge price tag the demand has decreased to a definite extent.

Along with this, the emergence of FRP has become a blessing for the engineers and curse for other manufacturers of traditional materials. Keeping in mind the variable aspects that are required for building the massive strong structures, these are being manufactured.

Besides the other advantages of these structures:

one of the prime reason for which this material has gained relevance is that they give manufacturers the freedom to utilize them according to their needs and requirements. When it is about making a list of its properties, then definitely it is uncountable. But before jumping to its properties, let us find out what actually they are.

What is FRP or Fibre Reinforced Products?

These are composite products that are manufactured by polymer reinforced with fibers. These are being combined to make a strong structure.

The combinations are generally:

• Reinforcements like fiberglass mat and roving
• The surface veil that helps them to acquire resistance to corrosion, protection from UV and makes it look attractive
• Additives are used like fire retardant, UV inhibitors, pigments and so on
• Resins are utilized for the process like vinyl ester and polyester

Since they are a composite material, they acquire numerous benefits that make them the perfect substitute of metals.

• Lightweight yet immensely strong
• Resistant to heat and electricity
• Withstand huge industrial loads
• Require no additional expense for maintenance
• Freedom of molding into any structures
• Available in an array of sizes, shapes, and colors

Due to its many advantageous properties that specifically suffice the industrial needs, these are now being used in most of the areas. This is the reason why the demand of FRP structures has increased to a dramatic extent these days.

• Constructional Purpose:

Due to its low weight and virtually no maintenance, these structures have found useful for infrastructural and building applications. For residential projects with the glass fiber, UP resins are being combined to cast a solid and marble effect for roof tiles, bathrooms, and kitchens. For large projects as well, these lightweight materials become a preferable choice.

• Chemical Pipelines and Plants:

With outstanding resistance to chemical and corrosion, these are mostly used by the engineers. Since they do not react with chemicals and are available in a much lesser price than metals, they are a preferable option. Metals are no way a good choice as they tend to react once they come in contact to the chemical environment.

These are also being used for marine industries:

Transportation and much more. Nowadays most of the structures are made with it from them some are fiberglass ladders, bolts, instrumentation stands and much more. So make use of FRP structures and add strength and enhance the looks to a huge extent.


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