To Fix Your Own Plumbing or Not

To Fix Your Own Plumbing or Not

It is always preferable to do things on your own, especially when it comes to your pocket. Furthermore, doing things yourself builds up experience, which is a valuable aspect of life. But gaining a skill at something requires a lot of trial and error and, when it comes to plumbing, this can cause quite a bit of a headache.

In addition:

you could end up damaging your pipes and plumbing system in general, so the question remains.

Does the DIY method pay off here?

Shutting off Water Flow:

Let’s start with the basics. When a toilet, a faucet or a drain is clogged or backed up, the first thing to do is to cut off the water flow. Yes, calling a professional is a safe bet.

But what happens when a pipe gets loose and your house starts filling up with water?

Do you really want to rely on your plumber’s response time?

Knowing how to do things as basic as this can go a long way in preventing unnecessary damage to your parquet, wooden appliances, and electric devices. Shutting off water flow is easy to learn, so we advise familiarizing yourself with the know-how of this basic aspect of plumbing.

Installing a New Faucet:

Yet another simple aspect with regards to plumbing, installing a new faucet should be a part of your skillset. Ringing up a plumber for a procedure as simple as this one can empty your pockets in no time,

So here’s a quick guide on how to do it yourself:

turn off the hot and cold water valves, remove the old faucet and simply replace it with the one you just bought. Most faucets come with an instruction manual, so completing this task can be regarded as a breeze.

Fixing Toilets:

Due to overuse and general difficulties when it comes to cleaning, toilets are quite prone to malfunction. While the replacements parts are far from costly and the entire process far from difficult, you might want to consider bringing in professional help here.

Fixing toilets tends to be quite messy (due to obvious reasons) and the disaster that might occur due to your lack of experience can cause huge headaches that will result in you dialing your plumber anyway. If you’re suffering from blocked drains in your bathroom, we advise calling a professional, just to be safe.


So you’ve decided to completely remodel your kitchen or bathroom. You want to restructure it and move household appliances like the sink, the washing machine or your shower. This task can turn out to be somewhat complicated and unless you’re an experienced plumber, it craves a hand of a professional. If you’ve opted for hired help with regards to everything concerning your remodeling,

Plumbing is the one aspect you should leave to professionals:

When it comes to tweaks and fixes in your plumbing, nothing is black and white. While some renovations and works require little skill and experience, others tend to turn quite complicated. Whatever the case – whether you want to get your hands dirty or simply hire someone else’s, one thing is for certain – getting familiarized with the basics won’t hurt anyone.


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