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Important Information About Tree Lopping

Important Information About Tree Lopping

Lopping the trees is a common term that’s generally used to denote the number of different arboricultural activities. Pruning the trees, cutting the branches, reducing the size of the tree, and removing the tree altogether can be referred to as tree lopping for the general populace.

However, for an arborist who has had special training, this term has a very different meaning. Lopping has been specifically prohibited and has been categorically referred to as an activity that damages the trees.

Therefore, the arborist has to make a decision about how to best cut down the branches without damaging the tree. In essence, tree lopping is a common service in which the branches of the tree are shortened. The reason why lopping is so important is that in many situations, most branches that tend to grow longer are unable to support themselves.

When that occurs, there’s a pretty high risk that the branch might fall on someone’s head or can just drop out of the blue. Therefore, the branch is reduced to a stub unless it is capable of supporting itself. The most common reason for which tree lopping is generally done is to reduce the overall size of the tree. Here is some important information for tree lopping in Perth.

Never Do it Yourself:

It’s always better to call a trained arborist when you have to carry out tree lopping. If you don’t know which branches to cut, it could eventually lead to severe xylem dysfunction and cause excessive decay in major structural portions of the wood.

Most people think that indiscriminate cutting of the branches is all that’s required when lopping the trees. Unfortunately, that’s not true at all. When you call a trained arborist for the job, they will carefully study and inspect the whole tree and then determine exactly which branches to cut.

Moreover, there’s also a major injury risk involved. If you climb on your own to cut the branches without wearing a safety harness or taking any sort of security measures, you could end up injuring yourself quite severely.

Why take a risk when you can rely on a trained arborist to do the job for you?

An experienced arborist knows where to begin and which branches need to be removed. They also put up safety nets to make sure the branches don’t fall to the ground from a higher altitude.

The Prices Vary:

Depending upon the overgrowth of the trees and the amount of lopping or pruning work that needs to be done, your costs will vary considerably. It’s always better to rely on the services of a professional for the lopping and pruning work then try it by yourself.

You can request quotes from two or three different arborists in your area before settling for the cheapest option. The prices will obviously vary based on the amount of work that needs to be done. Keep these factors in mind when you hire an arborist.


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