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The Metal Storage Sheds

The Metal Storage Sheds

Gardeners are normally very conscious of “green” living, choosing to be eco-friendly when at all possible. If it is a matter of beauty and convenience over an environmentally responsible choice, they will choose the latter.

This applies in their choice of garden shed building materials as well. There are three choices of materials, and each has its own advantages and disadvantages. These three choices are:


It is all-natural, blending into the environment very easily. With proper care, they will last forever without having to be replaced. They can be added onto easily. A disadvantage is a cost – they are more expensive than either metal or plastic.


These sheds are light in weight and easy to assemble. For smaller sizes, they can be put up by one person working alone. They are relatively inexpensive and can be designed to look like surrounding buildings. A disadvantage is a lightweight, which may not hold up well in a storm.

These are considered by many to be preferable. They are sturdy, easily assembled, and less expensive than wood. A disadvantage is the fact that they require routine maintenance to prevent rust from forming.

Of these three, many consider top quality metal sheds to be the most eco-friendly, even though it may not bleed into the landscape as well as plastic or wood. They are the preferred choice of material for many gardeners.


One advantage to using metal for storage sheds is its durability. Though it is destructible, a little routine maintenance will keep it from rusting or otherwise deteriorating. A little paint and rust protection will help it to last almost forever. This is not the case with plastics or even with wood. Wood rots and plastics are so fragile and light that they don’t always survive a strong wind or storm.

Conservation of Materials:

The material used to construct top quality metal sheds involves no waste. Any leftover materials can be used in another project or recycled. This means the carbon footprint for these buildings is very small. They do not give off toxic emissions as wood and plastic do. And, the fact that they come with the paint layers bonded on means no fumes and overspray from painting.

Ease of Construction:

Another plus for metal sheds is the fact they are extremely easy to put up. There is no cutting. The panels come cut to size, with holes predrilled. You will just screw them together according to plan directions. They are quick and easy to assemble, and only require two people to do the job.

Ways to Conceal the Building:

One complaint about these top quality metal sheds is that they don’t blend into the environment like natural wood, or plastic made to look like wood or like the other buildings on the property.

This is, in fact, a disadvantage. But, they can be easily concealed by planting shrubbery and small trees, as well as making flower beds around them if that appeals to you. This helps them blend into their surroundings.


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