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The Sliding Gate for Home | Latest stylish Gate For Home

The Sliding Gate for Home

A sliding gate usually has a single door which runs on a track with the help of a ratchet. Long and contracted space is needed for the gate to slide during the opening and closing process. It is best for the protection of wide entrances and is suitable for less space inside a house which is not sufficient for opening the swing gates.

While choosing the perfect motorization:

One should consider the weight and length of the door. Sliding gate for home is usually fixed with sensitive edges for more safety while closing it. The anti crushing detection function halts and reverses the gate movement in case of blocked movement thus avoiding damage to people and objects.

There are Mainly Two Types of Sliding Gates:

a) Cantilever Sliding Gates: This type of gate is counterbalanced and doesn’t need a track to run along the opening. The gate is supported by rollers sliding in a tubular track that is fixed at the bottom of the gate. They are available in a single or double leaf configuration with the option of both automation and manual operation.


Installation of the track running along the opening is not required
Operates silently
Can be used on uneven ground
In case of unleveled ground, cantilever gates run smoothly on nylon wheels.

b) Tracked Sliding Gates: They run along a track which is installed along the opening. The gate is guided with the help of the wheels present at the base. For smooth operation, the track should be kept clean from dirt.


Suitable for wide space
Simple operation
Require less run back area
Different Types of Sliding Gate for Home

The correctly installed sliding gates provide a high level of security against forced entry. These gates slide sideways and so they provide a lot of free space behind the gate which helps in easy car parking.

a) Aluminum Sliding Gates: These gates are gaining popularity in the market and are best for the customers who want to give a fashionable look to their home entry.

They are easy to Advantages:

Reliable and low maintenance

Flexible: Wide configuration options


Easy to use

Up to 5m self-supporting clearance width:

b) Steel Sliding Gates: Automatic steel sliding gates are perfect for constrained parking or where inward swinging gates cannot be used. They offer improved security and are less vulnerable in windy situations. The automatic steel sliding gate can be broadly categorized as:

Standard design styles:

Industrial or commercial

Agricultural farm gates:

Steel sliding gates can be customized according to the customer’s requirement; complementing the entrance of the house. Most of the gates have a satin black top coat finish. Patina process is done to highlight the finals. It is a dry process that subtly finishes the finials in gold, silver, bronze highlights.

c) Wooden Sliding Gates:

These gates not only look nice but they also help in providing a solution for limited parking areas. They slide into a steel channel that holds the gate secure while closing and also offers maximum resistance to forced entry.

A good quality finish stain is applied to both sides of the gate panel. A huge palette of colors is available to choose from. The standard colors include light, medium and dark Oak, Burma Teak, African and Jacobean Walnut and many more. Danish or teak oil is also applied but one needs to keep in mind that oiled finishes require regular applications in case of high-quality finish requirement.

So choose a best sliding gate for the home that is just right for you. You can visit us to know more details about it.


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