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The Maintain a Well-organized Wardrobe

The Maintain a Well-organized Wardrobe

Except for changing the wardrobes for the new season:

You probably have to maintain its proper condition from inside as well as from outside too. This may require a couple or more hours to deal only with the wardrobes during the day for home maintenance. That`s why a great idea is to give tasks to all the family members so you can have more time for the most difficult things like organizing the closets and the wardrobes.

A well-organized wardrobe and closet will give you a more free space to store everything, as so to find that thing easier when it`s needed. A great idea is, to begin with, a complete removal of all the items and objects in the closet itself. From blankets, clothes and other fabrics, to cosmetics or probably old newspapers – put them aside so you can get a big void space in the closet.

Start sorting your items and get rid of the useless ones, which is the best method to do some essential cleaning. The fewer the objects – the easier the arrangement of the wardrobe and so you can achieve a well-maintained outlook for a longer time.

On the other hand, during the time for sorting of all the items and objects, you will give enough free time to the dust particles in the air to fall onto the surfaces and thus the further cleansing will be easier.

Wiping off dust is the next step:

Clean thoroughly with a clean cloth all the horizontal surfaces like the bottom of the closet and the wardrobe, as well as shelves. Use an antibacterial spray for all the surfaces, which will eliminate the chance of spreading unhealthy bacteria, pollens, and microorganisms.

A deodorizing spray is another great idea to enhance the aroma in the closet. If needed – use the vacuum cleaning machine to get rid of the dirt inside the edges and the joints of the walls.

After the maintenance cleanup tasks:

Inspect the closet opening system for unwanted sounds, frictions, smoothness of the opening, etc. Maintain a proper clean outlook of the handles too.

According to how many objects you are about to put in, consider changing the storage spaces. Change the height of the shelves or reduce them if you want to store only clothes with hangers. For storing only small objects – you probably want to add more shelves and racks for a maximum space usage efficiency.

Another great hint for a greater organization of the closet is to use storage containers, which are handy when you want to move numerous items in different closets or wardrobes at once. Then, spend another few minutes only for organizing the shoes in a separate closet or in a separate storage container.

Maintain the proper look of all the closet features like LED lights and ventilation holes. Cleaning the lights for the closet is much easier, than the lights of the oven during the kitchen cleaning.

However, it is something that you don`t want to miss. It is even easier when the closet is empty and just a simple homemade solution of hot water and dishwashing detergent, applied via a clean cloth, is perfect for cleaning.

Rearrange all the racks:

Clothes and objects in the closets or in the wardrobes. Spray with your favorite deodorizing agent and enjoy their fresh look. It remains only to clean the exterior parts of the wardrobes like the doors. Then, some final polishing is always the best final touch that adds points to the home maintenance result.


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