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Top places to live in the UK: London, Manchester and Birmingham

Top places to live in the UK

Are you looking to make a move? If you thrive on city life and love unique and fascinating culture, then the UK has plenty of fantastic options for you.

Here, we have rounded up three of the top places to live in the UK – London, Manchester and Birmingham. Let’s take a look at what each city has to offer.


The Big Smoke has something for everyone. From nights out at the theatre to Sunday strolls along the Embankment and endless types of world cuisine to try, it’s no surprise that culture vultures flock to this amazing city from all over the world.

There are also endless opportunities to find new jobs, new friends, and new corners of this sprawling city to call your own, so you can see why so many want to call London home.


Manchester is fast becoming the coolest city in the UK (sorry, London) and you can easily see why. With impressive art galleries, alternative fashion and a truly sensational music scene, there is so much to see, do and discover.

The city also has plenty of easy access to green space, and once you venture outside the city centre, you will find leafy suburbs, student hubs, and some seriously affordable housing.

It might be a little rainy here, but there are so many reasons to love this northern city.


Are you struggling to choose between the north and the south? Consider setting your sights on beautiful Birmingham.

Birmingham is one of the most diverse cities in the UK, with a booming culinary scene and indie business culture that’s hard to beat. It is also home to impressive canals and huge parks, as well as some of the friendliest locals you could hope to meet.

Not to mention how accessible it is; with its own airport and easy access to major motorways, it’s no surprise more and more people and businesses are flocking to this hidden gem.

Thinking of moving?

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Whether you opt for the south, the very middle, or the north, you are sure to find a warm welcome. These cities all have something special to offer – so choose your favourite and get packing!


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